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Sun Clothing, etc. Kim Carr (Roger Carr's wife) was diagnosed with Lupus several years ago. She has been a user of sun protective clothing and other products due to the sun sensitivity the Lupus has caused. In 2001 she started her own sun protective store. Check it out.
Anita Renfroe Anita is a good friend of ours and is highly original, bodacious in her faith, and most unashamedly REAL. Her specialty is women's events, but audiences of both genders and all ages have come to know her as "a party waiting for a place to happen." She also has one book published and another that will be out soon.
60 Days to $100K The Everyday Giving website was created while taking a class taught by David Perdew called "60 Days to $100K." It is recommended for anyone wanting to create and market a website regardless if you are a beginner or experienced.
World Wanting Peace This is one of David Perdew's blogs. The vision of the site is to "Promote World Peace through Inner Peace." Not only does it contain posts on a variety of topics but it also contains some terrific photography.
Giving Globally Brandon Barnum is doing some outstanding things through Giving Globally. He is truly following the vision God has givien him and changing the world for the better. Consider becoming a member of Giving Globally.
Gratitude Works Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh are the authors of the book Gratitude Works: Open Your Heart to Love. They have used the book to touch the lives of hundreds of women prisoners. You can support their efforts by joining the Three for Thirty campaign.
Everyday Giving Blog Everyday Giving mainatins a blog. Feel free to take a look and post a comment or two while you are there.
Everyday Giving Radio Inspiring interviews of "everyday" people taking action and making a difference.
Fredericksburg Arthritis Walk Blog All about the Arthritis Walk in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We are proud to support this event every year.
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I love receiving Everyday Giving. As the President of a national health agency local chapter, Everyday Giving lifts me out of my traditional way of thinking and reminds me there are many ways to contribute and be giving. It also reminds me of the opportunities I have outside of my work to make a difference.

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Arthritis Foundation, VA Chapter
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