November 27, 2005

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I can't believe the holiday season is here again. You may already be buying gifts to wrap and give away to your family and friends. We tend to get busy with shopping and other activities during this time of the year. Finding parking at your local shopping area can be difficult and the drivers on the road seem more rude than usual. However, I had an experience this week that gave me hope.

I was waiting in a line at a local store to make a purchase. Although the lines were long, those waiting did not seem impatient. In fact, the couple that was in front of me saw that I only had a couple of items to purchase. They offered to let me go ahead of them in the line so that I would not have to wait so long. Their kindness was an example of what we should be doing on a daily basis. What would happen if we all started doing small things for people we didn't know? What are some examples of things you could do?

  • Buy a cup of coffee for someone you don't know
  • Go out of your way to open a door for someone
  • Let someone move ahead of you in a line
  • Let someone get a parking space that you both noticed was available
  • Pay the toll for people behind you
  • Offer your seat on the bus/subway to someone
  • Give good books away (
  • Compliment someone
These are just a few ideas of things you can do for others every day. Try out some of these ideas today and think of some additional ways you can show you care.

The article below also discusses some new ways to think about giving to others we don't know. It describes ways you can improve and save lives. I strongly encourage you to read the article and consider following through with one or more of those ideas. The world will be a better place because of your actions.

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Give a Miracle by Giving Yourself

by Roger Carr

The bodies that God miraculously gave us are very complex. Regardless of all of the advances in technology, we can't create a substitute for many parts of our bodies. Doctors are dependent on donations from individuals for items such as blood, organs and tissue to help save lives. Consider the following ways you can donate a portion of yourself to help save and improve the lives of others:

Give your blood.

Every two seconds someone in America needs blood. That comes out to 86,400 people needing blood today just in America. Are you aware that you are saving as many as three lives for each pint of blood that you donate? That is the amount of blood donated in one visit. You will be saving multiple lives by being a blood donor. In addition, your body is designed to remanufacture new blood to replace the amount you donated. You haven't given up anything except a small amount of time. Contact Red Cross at or 1-800-GIVELIFE (1-800-448-3543) to learn about giving blood and schedule a time to donate.

Give your hair.

There are thousands of financially disadvantaged children that suffer from long-term medical hair loss. Something as simple as wearing a hairpiece can help increase their self-esteem and confidence. If you have long hair, consider donating locks of it to make these needed hairpieces available. This is something children can do as well. Contact Locks of Love at or 1-888-896-1588 to learn about how you can participate.

Give your marrow.

Did you know there are as many as 35,000 children and adults that have life threatening diseases each year that could benefit from a marrow or blood cell transplant? Many of these individuals suffer from leukemia, lymphomas, and other blood cancers. Although being a marrow or blood cell donor is not as quick and simple as donating blood, it is another critically needed way that you can help save lives. Contact the National Marrow Donor Program at or 1-800-MARROW2 (1-800-627-7692) to learn about how to register as a potential donor.

Give your organs and tissue.

How would you like to continue to save lives even after you die? An average of 17 people die each day from the lack of available organs for transplant. You can help save up to 7 people's lives when you donate your organs and improve up to 50 lives as a tissue donor. We are all going to die someday and what better way to leave this planet than to continue to help others with what we leave behind. Contact the Coalition on Donation at or 1-804-782-4920 to learn more about organ and tissue donations.

Start saving lives now!

Many people think you have to be a doctor or firefighter to save lives on a regular basis. We need to start thinking differently. You can save lives on a regular basis and it will cost you almost nothing. It takes so little time it can be done during your lunch break. Get started today!

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