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"A good idea plus capable men cannot fail; it is better than money in the bank."
John Berry

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Give Your Ideas

Ideas Are Valuable

Many of the things around us are the result of an idea someone acted on. The conveniences we have are the result of an idea. Companies have been built on the foundation of someone's idea. Many millionaires and billionaires got started on their path to wealth with an idea. Is there any doubt about the value an idea can have?

God blessed each of us with the miracle of our minds and the capacity to generate unlimited ideas. You have the capacity within you to create valuable ideas. There are ideas only you can create. No one else has the same memory and experiences you have. Use just a portion of your mind to help others and create a better world.

How to Generate Ideas

We obviously use our minds throughout the day. But intentionally setting aside small blocks of time to brainstorm ideas can produce fantastic results. Use these tips to get started:

  • Read Mark Victor Hanson's article on Idea Tithing. It provides some great examples of donating ideas.
  • Do your brainstorming in sessions that are about 10 minutes in length.
  • Do your brainstorming during the time of day and in an environment you are most creative.
  • Decide on a topic or problem you want to generate ideas for.
  • Record everything you think about. Do not evaluate your ideas until you are done brainstorming.
  • Carry a notepad or voice recorder wherever you go. Record any ideas you have when they first come to you. You will be surprised when the ideas come to you once you have a purpose.
  • Think big!
  • You can do it by yourself but doing it as a part of a team is even better.
  • Don’t create and donate ideas expecting to get something in return (except the good feelings that come with giving).
Ways You Can Give

Give Your Thanks
Give Your Help
Give Your Encouragement
Give Your Enthusiasm
Give Your Time
Give Your Ideas
Give Your Spirituality
Give Your Wealth
Give Yourself

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I love receiving Everyday Giving. As the President of a national health agency local chapter, Everyday Giving lifts me out of my traditional way of thinking and reminds me there are many ways to contribute and be giving. It also reminds me of the opportunities I have outside of my work to make a difference.

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